Cannonball Jazz
Cannonball Jazz
Chris "Doc" Stewart - Cannonball Adderley Historian
Cannonball Adderley Solo Transcription Series - Twelve Volumes & more than 500 Solos

Compilations are laser printed onto bright white heavy-weight 11" x 17" paper in landscape orientation with coil binding. You therefore view 4 single pages when the book is open. Page turns are strategically placed for optimal uninterrupted reading. Each volume contains a complete discography and session index from that year.



I can no longer sell my transcription compilations. Sorry!!!


Volume 1


Cannonball Adderley Volume 1: 1955

Now available as the 4th Edition with unsurpassed accuracy!. Revised layout with Finale 2011 and completely redone 1955 discography.
58 solos, 136 pages, 2# 8oz.

Cannonball Jazz CJ-1955


Volume 2


Cannonball Adderley Volume 2: 1956

Watch and hear Cannonball's playing grow to the next level with this compilation. The smallest book of the series, but loaded with burnin' up-tempo solos like Hoppin' John, Spectacular, and Broadway at Basin Street.
26 solos, 66 pages, 1# 9oz.

Cannonball Jazz CJ-1956

Volume 3


Cannonball Adderley Volume 3: 1957

Every known recorded solo from 1957 transcribed by Doc Stewart. Some of the best bop you'll ever hear or play.
41 solos, 128 pages, 2# 6oz.

Cannonball Jazz CJ-1957


Volume 4


Cannonball Adderley Volume 4: 1958

Every known recorded solo from 1958 except for those included in Volumes 5 & 6 (Milestones and the Alabama Concerto). Cannonball has become a master in this volume. This is some amazing pre-Miles Davis stuff!
53 solos, 184 pages, 3# 6oz.

Cannonball Jazz CJ-1958


Volume 5


Cannonball Adderley Volume 5: Alabama

This is a transcription of the entire 4 concerto movements of John Benson Brooks' Alabama Concerto. Included in the score are alto, trumpet, guitar, and bass parts. I also include Art Farmer's trumpet solo transcriptions! Alto parts are included separately as well in the back of the book.
119 pages, 2# 4oz.

Cannonball Jazz CJ-1958a


Volume 6


Cannonball Adderley Volume 6: Milestones

Hands down the BEST SELLER. Includes every available recorded solo from Cannonball's tenure with Miles Davis during 1958 & 1959. This volume includes transcriptions from private collectors' tapes! Sorry, I can't share these, but I play them on several YouTube videos so you can hear them. Also, I have written biographical text as you journey through this period with Cannonball.

144 pages, 33 solos, 2# 11oz

Cannonball Jazz CJ-1958b


Volume 7


Cannonball Adderley Volume 7: 1959

Every known recorded solo from 1959 except those included in Volume 6 (Milestones). This includes some of the most amazing Cannonball in the quartet setting that you'll ever hear.
46 solos, 172 pages, 3# 1oz.

Cannonball Jazz CJ-1959


Volume 8


Cannonball Adderley Volume 8: 1960

The biggest and best book! Some of the most technical Cannonball solos ever. Clearly a great choice for shedding your chops. If you can play these, you are amazing! Now available in the 6th Edition with 2 newly discovered solos from film of Bohemia After Dark and The Chant.
59 solos, 240 pages, 3# 13oz.

Cannonball Jazz CJ-1960


Volume 9


Cannonball Adderley Volume 9: 1961

One of my all-time favorite compilations. Includes the best session of Cannon's career with Bill Evans. The 2nd Edition was released June 2011 with a newly discovered alternate take on Toy (take 8) and several major corrections.
53 solos, 204 pages, 3# 8oz.

Cannonball Jazz CJ-1961


Volume 10


Cannonball Adderley Volume 10: 1962

This huge compilation rivals Volume 8 1960! Includes the classic Bossa Nova session with Sergio Mendes. Included are transcriptions from the very first Cannonball Adderley Sextet.
66 solos, 234 pages, 3# 15oz.

Cannonball Jazz CJ-1962


Volume 11 1963


Cannonball Adderley Volume 11: 1963

Cannonball takes the Sextet and American jazz to Japan for the first time.This volume includes some of the amazing up-tempo transcriptions of "Easy to Love" and "Dizzy's Business."
37 solos, 156 pages,
2# 15oz.

Cannonball Jazz CJ-1963


Volume 12 1964


Cannonball Adderley Volume 12: 1964

Cannonball's transition year as he signs on with Capitol Records. For the remainder of his career he will be pulled towards the comercial side while striving to remain creative.
26 solos, 98 pages

Cannonball Jazz CJ-1964


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